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Berkshire DA maneuvering of sexual attack proof under fire

Berkshire DA maneuvering of sexual attack proof under fire

Capeless, in a declaration to WAMC, rejected which claim and cast question on Pucci’s credibility.

“Mr. Pucci is a disgruntled lawyer, whom represented a person who unfortuitously got associated with a drunken event at Williams College, an alumna, ” Capeless told WAMC.

“We investigated it completely combined with Williamstown Police Department and discovered that there is maybe not really a foundation for in the years ahead with any instance, ” Capeless added. “That’s his problem. ”

Pucci’s client, described in this essay as Jane Doe, states she had been raped on June 10, 2016, at her reunion that is 25th at. Her title has been withheld by the Glass despite the fact that the DA’s workplace unveiled it to the reporter, unprompted, in a public record information reaction.

The records, connected right here, usually do not support the true title regarding the target or her so-called assailant. They do include annoying passages describing the assault that is alleged.

Doe and her spouse filed a written report with Sgt. Scott McGowan regarding the Williamstown Police Department the day that is next presented to McGowan two items of real proof: a rape kit administered by way of a sexual Assault Nurse Examiner (SANE) at Mt. Sinai Hospital and Doe’s clothes through the evening for evaluation.

Papers acquired by the Greylock Glass suggest that the rape kit was tested, yet not that DNA from so-called attacker ended up being gathered. Read More

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